When navigating a presentation, we transition between slides by animating them from right to left by default. This transition can be changed by setting the transition config option to a valid transition style. Transitions can also be overridden for a specific slide using the data-transition attribute.

<section data-transition="zoom">
  <h2>This slide will override the presentation transition and zoom!</h2>

<section data-transition-speed="fast">
  <h2>Choose from three transition speeds: default, fast or slow!</h2>


This is a complete list of all available transition styles. They work for both slides and slide backgrounds.

noneSwitch backgrounds instantly
fadeCross fade — default for background transitions
slideSlide between backgrounds — default for slide transitions
convexSlide at a convex angle
concaveSlide at a concave angle
zoomScale the incoming slide up so it grows in from the center of the screen

Separate In-Out Transitions

You can also use different in and out transitions for the same slide by appending -in or -out to the transition name.

<section data-transition="slide">The train goes on …</section>
<section data-transition="slide">and on …</section>
<section data-transition="slide-in fade-out">and stops.</section>
<section data-transition="fade-in slide-out">
  (Passengers entering and leaving)
<section data-transition="slide">And it starts again.</section>
The train goes on …
and on …
and stops.
(Passengers entering and leaving)
And it starts again.

Background Transitions

We transition between slide backgrounds using a cross fade by default. This can be changed on a global level or overridden for specific slides. To change background transitions for all slides, use the backgroundTransition config option.

  backgroundTransition: 'slide',

Alternatively you can use the data-background-transition attribute on any <section> to override that specific transition.