The framework comes with a few different themes included.

black (default)Black background, white text, blue links
whiteWhite background, black text, blue links
leagueGray background, white text, blue links
beigeBeige background, dark text, brown links
nightBlack background, thick white text, orange links
serifCappuccino background, gray text, brown links
simpleWhite background, black text, blue links
solarizedCream-colored background, dark green text, blue links
moonDark blue background, thick grey text, blue links
skyBlue background, thin dark text, blue links
bloodDark background, thick white text, red links

Each theme is available as a separate stylesheet. To change theme you will need to replace black below with your desired theme name in index.html:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/theme/black.css">

Custom Properties

All theme variables are exposed as CSS custom properties in the pseudo-class :root. See the list of exposed variables.

Creating a Theme

If you want to add a theme of your own see the instructions here: /css/theme/

Alternatively, if you want a clean start, you can opt to start from a blank CSS document and customize everything from the ground up.